A SWAT team? For a petty misdemeanour? In her home?

But when armed white nose-picking supremacists line up with automatic weapons and threaten state representatives over heir “freedom” to not wear a face-mask, the “brave” law-enforcement, police, men-in-blue, peace officers — all those romantic bullshit names we call thugs in uniform — are nowhere to be seen.

Why does the media call these over-armed toads in uniform “brave”?

And as far as their “putting their life at risk”, most law enforcement deaths that are not accidents or high speed car crashes are when they induce, catalyze or escalate a situation (usually 20 cops to 1 armed person). I’ve looked for and searched for incidents in which a cop intentionally takes a bullet meant for a civilian, and I only recall one incident -involving a school shooter- over the last 5 years.

Defund the pigs.

I stop to miau to cats.

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