Actually, what my daughter said was the opposite of your statement. She said people should get to vote in proportion to how much more they have to live. There were a lot of young people supporting Sanders, and his rallies were much more diverse than any of Clinton’s, by any measure.

America does slow? It doesn’t do at all, except your kind of corporatist bidding. Where has slow gotten us on income inequality, prison, education, health, racial justice, police brutality, climate change, drone killings, terrorism, infrastructure, mass transit, gun control, women’s health …

Oh right, ACA, so much slower and better than single payer.

America does slow? Tell that to BlackLivesMatter, “True, only 25% as much as WhiteLivesMatter today, but we’ll work towards an acceptable and achievable slow and steady goal of 33% tomorrow, or 2020, at least in terms of providing life insurance.”

I stop to miau to cats.

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