Agreed, men born with penises need to get over their penocentrism, in all its forms — that it is sex only if there is vaginal penetration with the penis, that it is the man’s responsibility to give the woman orgasms, that the only way to do this is through penile penetration and stimulation of the vagina, that the tip of the penis parting her vaginal lips is somehow not “real sex” no matter how arousing it is to her, that they can’t use “forever erect” fingers or “forever wet” tongues to help their partners with orgasms, that they can’t just hold or stroke their partners while they pleasure themselves, etc.

Perhaps one way for men to get over their feelings of inadequacy over size, time or orgasmizational ability would be for them to read about or have sex with an EMO woman - hopefully they will realise (specially after the woman describes her 8 orgasms with a butt-plug and vibrator) that her massive screaming extended multiple orgasms have much more to do with her than with him, than that the part that he is responsible for is making her feel secure enough to let herself go.

I stop to miau to cats.

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