All these years you’d kept silent, thinking that your daughter was the only child worth protecting. Where was your outrage while you were “passing”, before you were personally affected?

Re the 2.5k likes or whatever for your first social media post on this issue, did you or your readers think you were adding to an existing conversation or did y’all think this was some brilliant never-before-recognized insight? Did your readers think that no other parent of a colored child had ever written about discrimination before?

Given the endemic anti-Black and anti-LatinX racism in AAPI, perhaps we should all be happy that one has decided to come out of the passing-as-white-closet and become “anti-racism”. But it is a little bathetic when that desire to fight anti-racism doesn’t extend to protecting other people’s children.

Of course, this particular attitude about a peculiar institution gores way back, to Gandhi’s work in South Africa.

I stop to miau to cats.

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