Allan Ishac doesn’t appear to presume anything about your citizenship or family background. He does speculate about your support for Typhoon Trump, based on your name. That seems completely statistically justified.

You may well consider yourself American first, but as we saw in Charlottesville recently and as we have consistently seen from Frump, he himself, the Republicans and their Anglo-supremacist (fascist, nazi, Christian, supremacist, bigoted …phobic) factions don’t. To them, you’ll always remain other-than-fully-American, witness the idiocies put out by the birthers against Obama.

And yeah, I do know lots of OrangeTurban supporting Indian-Americans. When I asked whether they were aware of T-Rump’s statements about “brown people”, they responded with “He doesn’t mean our kind of brown people yaar!” with a cute head wag. Subtext? He means your kind of brown people. So hispano-phobia extends beyond the anglos, and who knows, may even include Hispanics! Know any?

I stop to miau to cats.

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