Hi Wudan, thank you for collecting all the incidents from around the country.

During Occupy, I saw plenty of instances of police brutality towards civil-disobedience and plenty of instances of police not bothering to help the injured (of course, as some of your readers point out, their goal is to cause the injuries, so why would they "help"), even when the injuries were incidental (e.g. putting a hand on broken glass during a sit-in). What never ceases to surprise me is the resistance and outright denial of White and passing-White people to the idea of US police brutality - after all those writings from the era of slavery, images from the Jim Crow, data of extra-judicial murder etc.

At that time, I heard of police harassment and violence targeted against street medics, but didn't see it. Do you know where that idea came from? From the Obama administration, of which Joe (the police don't have enough resources) Biden was a part: the DHS called the mayors and police chiefs of the 100 major US cities for a conference, and taught them strategies and tactics: one was to refer to Occupiers as "domestic terrorists" and not protestors or activists. Amongst their tactics was one to target street medics, specifically to aim tear gas inside(!) their vehicles to destroy supplies.

During these anti police-criminality civil disobedience actions over the last few weeks, my daughter has joined a street medic team. They've been harassed, threatened, declared as "non-Oakland residents" and told to leave the city premises, targeted with rubber #AllBulletsAreBastards bullets (one of her teammates was hit), had tear gas fired at their van (my understanding is it didn't land inside but enough got in that some stocks were destroyed) and finally, detained for "broken tail-light, unsafe speed, non-current address, suspicion of arson" (the team was helping put out a fire, fire brigade remained at a distance, apparently so the MSM can dramatize the "violence". They were held in a patrol car for hours, unable to help other victims of the police violence, then interviewed, threatened and released, only to find that their van had been trashed by the cops. You've seen what happens (on those lovely "police ride-alongs") when 10 heavily armored and armed SWAT bozos or military drop-outs swarm into a Black person's apartment, overturn everything and start shooting.

By the way, the vans and the street-medics have conspicuous red crosses. But why would we expect the domestic state sponsored terrorists to respect medics when the US Military targets medics, schools, hospitals and Doctors Without Borders?

People ask me why the protests against US police brutality are international. It is because of a notion of solidarity with all oppressed, specifically Black people in the US, as well as the fact that we, the world, KNOWS that the malignant tumor of US state sponsored terrorism has symptoms both internal and external.

I stop to miau to cats.

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