Almost 20 years after the fact, mainstream Democrats still display symptoms of convenient PTSD from Nader’s candidacy. That convenience allowed them to not learn any lessons from the loss, and the cycle was repeated after 2016 since when HRCers (the few younger ones were not old enough to have voted in 2000, but have imbibed a twisted third-party blaming analysis which they apply to the HRCulean disaster) have been blaming Sanders and floundering around grasping at “Russian interference” instead of examining their lack of message, and strategic and tactical errors.

The Gore bores, Hillary hollerers and Biden buddies are not just issuing warnings to thoughtful voters who disagree with them (“Vote Blue no matter who (or else).”), not just sowing the seeds of blame for Biden’s upcoming loss in the general, but more, I’ll bet they are already drafting the essays, blogs and opinion pieces for 2021, blaming Sanders’ supporters for Trump’s re-election.

I stop to miau to cats.

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