Are we making too much of this and getting distracted from the real issues?

When we go backpacking, my kids go without “toothbrushes, soap and beds” for a few days, so that isn’t really an issue. But my kids are not on a forced march or in detention or without a caring adult’s presence, and it is a relatively short period of time. The government, however, should be held to a higher standard for anybody in its custody. As far as detained children are concerned, their fundamental need (safe and sanitary) is to not have their caregiving adults torn away from them.

If the reasoning behind not providing soap/toothbrushes/blankets (blankets is health — not sanitation, toothbrushes and soap are hygiene — not sanitation either, sanitation would be hosing the rooms down with bleach between occupants) is that their stay is not anticipated to be more than a couple of days, then the judiciary should free them after that time, or get the required stuff from ICE as well as a timeline.

Another issue is why in the first place would the US gov’t not provide these inexpensive basic amenities, are they cheapskates or being punishing to children? The fundamental problem with the US Christian populace is that it is driven by punishment, not mercy nor kindness.

I stop to miau to cats.

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