Arnovitz’ article was eye-opening and it challenged me to examine my stance on Clinton. (I’ll claim to be clean on the “sexist” chit.)

I supported Sanders in the primaries, because of his superior stance on progressive issues. For me, Clinton’s honesty was not an issue, nor were the so-called scandals that Fox and right wing intelligentsia keep like damp bread for their mold to grow on. Arnovitz lays to rest any doubts I may have had about her sources of money. Her connections with Wall Street leave me feeling ick, but Arnovitz rightly points out that that ick factor should touch all politicians and most of them to a greater degree.

Clinton is no progressive, nor even left-leaning, and her hawkishness on world affairs is a major issue. However, I will support her campaign to be the next President of the US.

I stop to miau to cats.

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