Austin “insisted he was not being racist.”

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Instagram screenshot from The Root story

This is the Tom Austin from Minneapolis, who confronted 5 other members of the gym he was using. You’ve seen the video and read about it, but here goes! All 5 were Black men, members of the gym in the building they leased office space. After the video of him going Karen on them, Austin “insisted he was not being racist.”

Okay. Austin, and other Kyles and Karens who have forever “insisted he(she/they) was not being racist” can submit to a very very simple test. The same shit they just pulled on a Black person, can they provide a single documented example where they have done that or something similar to wyppl? The expected response could be anything like, “I’m not being racist! Just yesterday I confronted 5 white dudes who were using the hotel swimming pool at a conference I was at. Then last week, I confronted 6 white dudes and one white woman at a grocery store for attempting to steal beer — they put a case each of Pabst Blue Ribbon and Milwaukee’s Best in their cart and were heading away from the cashiers! I have in fact been an anti-racist all my life, my earliest memory, when I was 3, is of confronting 5 white boys I’d never seen before at the toddler playground because one of them held the gate open for the others.”

With Central Park Karen, aka Amy Cooper, I can’t get started with the mirror image. Would it be “If you’ve ever been confronted by a white person for breaking a public parks’ law, did you immediately start to hyperventilate, accuse them of physically threatening you and did you call 911 because a White American male was threatening you?”. The problem is, the hypothetical would never happen. So the question has to be more general, “Of the many many times that a white American male (father, boyfriend, uncle, brother, random Kyle, priest, husband, boss …) has actually threatened you physically (statistically much more likely than any of the other scenarios playing out in your head), have you ever called 911 on them?”

I stop to miau to cats.

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