How to cook banana bracts, not the flowers, in a spicy Indian recipe. The flowers themselves are way too starchy.

For Justin, Green Sands Oasis, HI

My older daughter and I spent the last week of November 20129 staying at the Green Sands Oasis in Hawai’i. Justin, the manager, showed us around the orchard and garden, and mentioned cutting off the banana blossoms to induce healthier fruit and tossing the former on the compost pile. Suitably all-things-Indian, I mentioned that “In India people cook the banana blossom.”, never once having even eaten it myself. Justin, firmly committed to using everything they grew, wanted to learn how to cook banana flower, so we decided to experiment on Thursday, November 28th, not a day celebrated nor mourned one way nor another in Hawai’i. We did snorkel at Kealakekua Bay, where Capt. Cook’s mortality was discovered.

Ingredients: two banana flowers, one onion, coconut oil, chillies, ginger, optional powdered spices.

With corn tortillas. Why not?

I stop to miau to cats.