“Be a Coderita this Women’s Day!”


Dear GFG,

I understand the intent is to be supportive to women who code.

But seriously, this is the kind of the thing that deservedly gives Indian men the reputation of being clueless when it comes to social, racial and gender issues.

1. If you are going to support women, why do it only on “Women’s Day”? What happens the other 364 days of the year?

2. Also, it is Women’s History Month, and since the first coder was actually a woman, you could get around to recognizing that in some way.

3. It is anti-feminist to use different, gendered common nouns for women than for men, and the difference is also an inequality. Since it is a modification of the “generic” male gendered noun, it is associated with being less than, not quite a coder. You wouldn’t use different common nouns for male coders of different ethnic, national or racial origin, would you? “Coderbhai” or “desicoder”, especially if used by White coders, would be racist. Similarly, “coderita” is sexist, at the very least.

4. In its intended “Spanishified” form, it is explicitly diminutive. Samajh gaye, coderu?

5. If you are going to expropriate a language to be cool, at least do it correctly. The correct diminutives are “codercita” and “codercito”.

6. There is no such thing as “Women’s Day”. It is International Women’s Day. The reason this distinction is important is because referring to it as simply “Women’s Day” ignores or dismisses the transnational solidarity that feminism seeks to continue building.

I know you feel attacked and that your intentions weren’t bad. I’ll be happy to engage in a conversation, if you are interested.

I stop to miau to cats.

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