What about them?

Why was Kamala Harris’ Asian-ness ignored when discussing how she would be judged as a Black woman during the Veepbate?

Because of "intersectionality". Asians are allowed to pass as white, we thrive off that privilege, don't even realise that we are second class and lower-case for being granted it by Whites, and then, every opportunity we get, peck on those we perceive to be lower in the American hierarchy, and seek to differentiate ourselves instead of finding solidarity. Every time we hear "Black Lives Matter" we distract with bleats about "All lives" or internment during WWII or indentured labor on the TPRR and the pressure of being a model minority.

So, if an Asian woman is judged in the US, it is primarily because of her being a woman. A Black woman will first be classified as Black by Whites, that racial aspect will be emphasized while ignoring any other contributors to her racial classification, and most importantly, will be doubly judged both for being Black and for being a woman.

Stand up for Poor, Queer, Black Women and you will find your boat being lifted.

I stop to miau to cats.

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