Biden vs. Trump: Mental Acuity

In response to Jennifer Rubin’s opinion in WaPo

We’ll see if Biden is sharp and bold enough to go after Trump in a debate. AOC, Sanders, Warren, Gabbard, Stein or Harris would have been, but not Biden.

As far as mental acuity goes, Biden addressed the Poor People’s Campaign on Monday: he asked the “Bishop” whether he was “on”, referred to “Rev. Lincoln” (Jackson?) and “Rev. Leo” (Rev. Theoharris?), repeatedly referred to “Bishop” (Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II?) and mentioned that his (Biden’s) daughter was “anxious to meet you, Bishop”. Never mind that later he rambled, never mentioned any specific policies and didn’t address any specific concerns of the PPC. He’ll be great at reading to my children to put them to sleep.

Regardless, what difference will Trump’s lies, lack of mental abilities, inhumanity (cruelty), business fraud, traitorousness, misogyny, racism, nepotism, swampiness etc. make in the election? Clinton “won” the debates in 2016. And nothing about Trump is new. George W. Bush was not just elected, he was _re_-elected by US voters. And that means -> “You”!

I stop to miau to cats.

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