Black men? Then yes, for centuries and until recently and probably continuing, white men have used white women to falsely accuse black men of sexual assault (or less) to both keep black people in their place and to buy the complicity of white women.

But of you are talking about poo widdle white men, like kavanaugh or the Stanford rapist, then your comment is just the usual privileged white reactionary snowflake backlash whining, specially when you resort to forcing all women accusers (even now probably a small fraction of those actually abused) to be exposed to more violence and continuing trauma so long as even one white man may not ”suffer” the loss of, err what?

Of course there will always be errors and of course we should strive to reduce them, but your “approach” is simply numerically, scientifically, logically, humanistically ridiculous.

Let’s first get to the point where the number of false negatives (women who have been assaulted but not received justice) is as low as the false positives (white men who’ve been ostensibly falsely accused) and then we can focus on bringing down the total error.

Now of course, if you value white men more than you do women or black men, why, just say so and all the rest of us will be happy to change the error proportion in your favor!

I stop to miau to cats.

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