By Kali! what a doofus! Jack one off and relax, but please watch out for carpal tunnel syndrome, you sad case incel loner, and please direct your rage towards yourself.

“You’re a Women’s Studies major.”

So F’ing what? By your “logic”, African-American studies majors want to be re-enslaved by white people?

“Other people don’t have to view you as just a vagina since you do plenty of it yourself.”

Huh? Where do you get that from? And even if that were true, SFingW? Its her body, she chooses if/how/who she shares it with.

“Just because undesirable men hit you up does not mean you are being any more objectified than what you are doing to them.”

Exactly how has the writer objectified men?

“…you enjoy the power and desirability of being a young woman with a vagina who talks about sex far more than actually having sex…”

Huh? Where do you get that from? And even if that were true, SFingW?

“You’re very sex-positive for yourself but you seem offended when other people express their sexuality.”

No she isn’t offended by other people expressing their sexuality, you potential rapist. Since you’ve written about sex, I assume you are totally cool with being propositioned by undesirable men as well, right?

“You objectify yourself and then blame everyone and everything but yourself…”

Where does she objectify herself? She is writing about sex; do you get so violent towards males who write about sex and seem to “objectify themselves”? No? Possibly because the only ones you read feed your misogyny and emphasize your sadness and loneliness and allow you to blame everybody but yourself for being an unsatisfied dick?

BTW, why did Long’s clarification of being an English major cause you to apologize? I suppose you think that “Foreign” language students or people who write about non-English languages are objectifying themselves and signaling that they are only pens/keyboards and want to be approached by any English-speaker to chat them up, “Cool, you are studying Spanish, do you want to have a conversation in English?”. Or colonial studies majors want to be re-colonized, “Oh God Britain, please build your railways through my country again! And don’t forget Jalianwalla Bagh!”

I stop to miau to cats.

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