C-suite knows, and in my experience HR (Employee Success, not Benefits and Payroll) knows. But HR is paid by C-suite and their white guy buddies are the worst offenders, so until HR’s comp is determined by the employees collectively, they will continue to be “image management” for C-suite.

Re: coming forward etc., until workplace protections are more rigorously enforced, this is not going to change. My own experience, when I started going to HR to report intolerable behavior by VPs towards myself and others? Soon after that, there was an idiotic HR complaint against me for pointing out to upper management authorship issues on potential IP. I refused to be cowed, mostly because I was done with RocketFuel at that point. But during no point in numerous HR interviews did the HR person record the interview — always protect plausible deniability. So of course I heard the same marginalizing thing as Fowler and #UberSurvivor, “Nobody else has experienced this.”

Luckily, my immediate management was aware and supportive and helped me figure ways out.

On the “white guy’s harassment is tolerated” note, keep in mind who is POTUS, the well-known complex race/gender dynamics expressed by usually white women CHROs, and try and collect stat.s on the racial demographics of public gender discrimination suits.

I stop to miau to cats.

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