Checklist — Preparing to Engage in Mass Civil Disobedience

Protest is inherently a dangerous activity, and it is getting more and more dangerous.” — Emily Gorcenski

Be aware that the risk of enduring physical injury or arrest is high. Please be prepared.

See the comprehensive version for more details.

A. Pandemic specific precautions

Protecting your bubble: If people in your bubble are high risk, find ways other than protests of supporting social causes. Use sanitizers, Wash hands and face with soap on return. Consider testing and quarantining.

B. Protests

  1. Plan: Outside Support person, share necessary info with them, form your pod, determine your pod’s risk level, download a secure communications app, familiarize yourself with the route, promote the event without disclosing any individuals attending.
  2. Prepare:
  • Connect with your pod, write your OSP phone number, NLGSF hotline, medical conditions in marker.
  • Clothing: Wear well-fitted comfortable black or darkly colored clothing for night-time events, close-toed shoes, bring a change of clothes, cover your hair and tattoos.
  • Avoid: Contact lenses, Swimming goggles, all oil-based skin applications, Jewelry, stuff with large handles
  • Do Bring: One form of ID, cash, wet bandana for tear gas, spray or squirt bottle with plain water, Snacks! 2 qt.s of Water, 3-day supply of medication, battery pack for your phone, hat or water-based sunscreen, Flashlight, familiar First Aid kit, writing material
  • Calm frame of mind

4. During the action:

Stick with your pod, know where to go if separated, assess your surroundings, keep an escape direction in mind, identify street medics, walk at the pace of the march, Do not run. Drink water!, avoid press interactions. step up to protect BIPOC, use secure app for communication, DO record acts of aggression from the police and counter protesters, No protest porn: Watch for obstacles, document detentions and call NLGSF 415–909–4NLG = 415–909–4654 or e-mail

5. In case of:

i) Police interaction: DO NOT TALK TO THE COPS. Ask, “Am I under arrest?” “I am invoking my right to remain silent.”

ii) Arrest: contact your OSP, From jail, call NLGSF at 415–285–1011, let them know if you are BIPOC

iii) Injury: move or walk a comrade to a safer location, Tear gas exposure — do not rub your eyes, close your eyes, call for “MEDIC!”, cough and spit, do not swallow, blow your nose. Anything else Let the medics evaluate and proceed. Stick with your pod member, call your OSP for extraction

6. After the Action:

Remove and bag exposed clothing in a plastic bag, check-in with your OSP and pod, shower in cold water if your skin has been exposed to gas at all, share your experience on social media.

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