Common to many of the responses is that the writers seem to find the simple strategy interesting but, like me, are left with no idea how to use it.

The one example you give is more by luck than by design, you happen to find an inconsistency in the timeline when your gf asks a single random question. It is good as an incident that gave you an insight that led to the strategy, but useless for the rest of us to learn from. If you have actually used this, could you provide an example of a conversation from start to finish? It should be easy enough for you to recall a better, more recent, example?

Let’s say you give us an example from the last year. Then I say, “Oh that’s cool how you used that strategy you mentioned to prove the fabrication! That was very effective and a honed way of asking the questions. Did it take you time to work that all out, did it work right out of the box? Was there a time when it took you longer -more questions or not in the most effective order- that helped you refine the strategy?”

Then you give an example, “Oh yeah, the boyfriend before that, I tried this,…, but it didn’t quite work as well because I was missing this key element … and it took me a really long time to pin it down, so that’s what led to the better approach that I mentioned that worked wonders last time.”

So then I say, “What a great example to show progress towards refining your strategy! How about an example where you weren’t able to detect the person was lying? Did they get pissed off at your interrogatory approach or did they just seem happy to not have been caught out?”

At this point, maybe you give an example, or perhaps you begin to fume.

Only then would I ask, “Oh my God that’s brilliant! What lead you to think of this strategy in the first place?”

Then you mention your girlfriend’s boyfriend’s mom’s bread story.

I stop to miau to cats.

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