Cynthia, fair points. In my ire over “Whatever happened, it wasn’t my fault!”, I forgot my cardinal rule to always start responses by addressing the writer by name, it helps me to not get gratuitously insulting.

As far as “allies”, I don’t know — I don’t see any alliance love from the standard DNC/HRC supporters for progressive causes. Any such alliance would have to start with an accounting of DNC/HRS mistakes, which sadly, continue thru this day and seemingly into 2018/2020. The DNC has been shifting rightward for the last 25years, has no progressive discourse and has been losing badly (other than the Obama blip) since 2000 (oh and don’t blame Nader) in spite of “inevitable demographic changes” in its favor. If they want to dismiss or ignore the progressive energy on the left, and continue their proven losing strategies, so be it. But then don’t talk about “alliances”, specially after immediately flipping to support Trump on war.

I stop to miau to cats.

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