Dear Dr McAvoy (have to mock the silly misogynistic anti-intellectual threatened mantrum Wall Street “Journal" op-ed trying to put down Dr. Biden.),

That sounds like a generic, stock question from some meta dating app or websites trying to teach incels how to be players. You can ask that of anyone, even a teenager. I’m not saying it is not an interesting question and I’m not saying it is a bad sign that they are asking about you.

What you should be looking for is a question or comment or even an “all about themselves" statement that is related to something you wrote on your profile. The meta dating apps have not yet bothered to invest in the NLP/AI/bunch of trained cheap English speaking Indians to generate “personalized” messages based on copy pasted profiles of the women men are interested in getting to date them. I guess because generic questions still work with most women. I call it two years before that becomes wide spread.

I stop to miau to cats.

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