Dear SS, the only reason people are “shitting on Hillary” is because you and your ilk keep putting yourself and her under our buttholes. Retire her, retire yourself as the 1000X losers you are and we’ll be more than happy to add that load onto TRump.

The 1000X losses? You know what I’m talking about. What did you or HRC do for Zephyr Teachout?

But things have worked out very well for you and all the Democrat consultants and paid campaign workers, you got fat salaries for NOT doing your jobs, you will continue to have some other political consultant DNC job, you can write a book and make even more money with the lies you spread and there is always 2020.

WE, the contributors to the DNC and HRC and other Democratic campaigns, hired YOU to do a job. And you failed US, that is the sense in which you are losers (this is not a “Losers!” jeer from the far-right/nazi/fascist TRumpers). You were our fucking employee, and you are blaming US? You elitist dick-wad! Where do you get off?

You should be fired, never re-hired, re-tired.

One word of contrition from you. Let’s start.

I stop to miau to cats.

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