Dec. 12th, 2020: Math proves that Trump has a 50% chance of winning the 2020 Election

I'll bet you never saw this criticism coming.

This highly sophisticated math of finding the value of non-convergent series, like the Ramanujan Summation of :

1–2+3–4+5–6+7… = -1/12

is being used by Trump and his supporters to legally overturn the results of the 2020 POTUS election. Many LibDems are nonchalantly pointing out that none of the TrumpRump lawsuits have any legal validity, they have all been thrown out, including — as of yesterday — the TX tantrum filed with SCOTUS. So Democrats and Liberals think they can rest easy, since none of the Trumpy lawsuits have any legal merit. They think there is no end game and they can’t understand why Trumpettes and Trumpies continue to file baseless lawsuits that contradict each other (e.g. in Arizona, they want to count “all” the votes, whereas in Michigan and Pennsylvania, they want to stop counting “the votes”, going as far as to want to invalidate all votes) hoping to overturn the results.

So the Trump 57-dimensional chess strategy of filing infinite lawsuits with 0 legal merit can be mathematically shown to be (The First Fundamental Equation of Trump)

Trump won = 0+0+0+0+ …

But as we just saw, they lawsuits contradict each other: the very basic mathematical truth that even Birthers know:

1–1 = 0

So now, in the longterm Trump strategy, substitute all the ‘0’s with ‘1–1’ to get:

Trump won = 1–1 + 1–1 +1–1 +1–1 + …

Now note that the right hand side is nothing but Grandi’s Series, which has been shown to be

1–1 + 1–1 +1–1 +1–1 + … = 1/2


0+0+0+0+ … = 1/2

Which means that The First Fundamental Equation of Trump becomes

Trump won = 0+0+0+0+ … = 1/2

I am going to repeat this slowly, so that it sinks in

Trump won = 1/2 = 0.5 = 50%

How clever! We think he is being stupid for filing 0 legal validity lawsuits, when in fact his mathematical electoral strategy relies on every single one of those lawsuits being completely baseless.

Mathematical aside

(Please read on ONLY if you 2 or 3 PhDs in math, though you can substitute 1.61828… PhDs in Physics for every required math PhD, all the way down to 3.1415… PhDs in the humanities.)

Though it would seem that Trump could increase his chances of will be having had won by filing even marginally less invalid (finitely valid) lawsuits, this is actually counter-productive. In fact, imagine an extreme case that all of them are completely walid (which he doesn’t want to do because he doesn’t want to sound Islamic and get thrown back over the wall he just built and be banned from travel to the US from his asylum in Russia). Then, you would reasonably expect

Trump won ? = 1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+ …

to be something larger than 50%, right? (I’ll call this the Second Trump Term Postulate)

But, recall from Advanced High School AP Honors pre-calculus math that

1 +1 = 2

1+1+1 = 3

Now in the Second Trump Term Postulate, collect increasingly larger numbers of terms (just to inject a little bit of humor into such a serious topic):

Trump won ? = 1+(1+1)+(1+1+1)+(1+1+1+1) …

Removing the parentheses,

Trump won ? = 1+2+3+4+5+ …

But — here is why Trump is avoiding this strategy — Ramanujan showed that

1+2+3+4 … = -1/12 = -0.0833…

So in the Second Trump Term Postulated strategy of winning everything (1+1+1…), he would actually have a 58.33% chance of losing! (-8.33 % chance of winning = 58.33% chance of losing follows from Bayes’ Theorem applied to Conway numbers, and if you don’t believe that, I have some ineffective vaccine for a non-existent virus that I would like to sell you.)

I stop to miau to cats.

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