Don’t be silly. Sapper is recommending nothing like “erase the Civil War from educational institutions history books”. As he points out, there is plenty of stuff in museums, books and national memorials about the Civil War (or the American War of Secession as it is known in the non English speaking parts of the world). Again, as he has already pointed out, all that the glorification of individual leaders and heroes and “families torn asunder” and the silly displays in Gettysburg of china and household items and bullets cross shot into each other achieves is to allow racists and white depremacists to hide behind falsehoods. Yes there was slavery in the Union, yes there were economic issues, yes racism is alive and well in the US, all over, not just in the South and yes this is all attested to by the otherwise strange disinterest of African-Americans in visiting the Gettysburg museum. However, it doesn’t change the fact that the Southern states were vile slaver states and that the whites there behaved sub-humanly in their treatment of other humans beings. People like you aren’t capable of even starting with “Yes our forefathers were slavers and slavery was wrong.” before glorifying the beauties of the Slaver South. Of course the economic status of the vanquished (in this case, Southern whites) worsened after the loss. Of course there were battlefield “heroes” amongst the Slaver Army, it doesn’t make what they were fighting for right.

I stop to miau to cats.

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