Elaine, you ask, “When did it become normal or ok for people to feel entitled to a reward simply for turning up?”. The answer is, “Ever since they started becoming aware of CXO salaries, golden parachutes and other compensation that is uncorrelated to performance.”

Why aren’t people in upper management and CXOs asked to justify their salaries and compensation in terms of “what you have achieved over this time and what you have done that has created value for the company?”? Even if there is an increase in say stock-price, the question to ask is the portion of this change that is attributable to the management/CXO/Board. We are all about “A/B” testing and “data-driven”, let’s see the causal connection between what this floating layer does and the stock-price/other measure of company performance. If they are so confident in their abilities, as opposed to confident in the protection of their buddies on the board or on the senior staff, they should come up with a public metric of marginal value they expect to add and as a result of what specific actions and over what time frame.

Where did young people get this sense of entitlement? I suspect from old people.

I stop to miau to cats.

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