Err, where were you when the other marches were going on? Black lives matter, mlk day, immigrant rights, incarceration, minimum wage, standing rock …? Why do you need your own mostly white event instead of joining and standing in solidarity with others?

I looked hard at the MWM webpage and found it filled with feel good pablum, like your article is. In addition, you are still playing identity politics with your mourning of “she should have been president”. If you were concerned about women’s issues, you should have really been mourning Sanders’ loss in the primary.

Most of you white women, even the ones who will dominate the MWM marches, are enablers of white male privilege and don’t even know it.

I’ll see you there, I’ll be marching with the humongous contingent of Chicana custodial workers.

I stop to miau to cats.

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