Except that in the US, it differentially kills Blacks and Latinos at 3X to 2X the mortality rate of Whites. (Even given the caveats in the article about skewed testing policies.) So the tragedies you dismiss so easily are not uniformly distributed and that explains both 1) Trump’s comfort with trying to ease the brakes on health distancing and make the US “open for bidness” and 2) the generally white right wing’s violent protests against even the mildest efforts to curb the spread. So, in bad times as in “good”, inequity increases.

This is no different from racist killings of Black and Latino men and boys by the armed and dangerous paramilitaries roaming the US (they are called “police” or “peacekeepers” and wear uniforms, but …). As I have been saying for about a decade (to the three people who follow me on social media ;-) ), Black Lives will only Matter when suburban White sons of soccer moms are shot in the back while lying on the ground at the same rates at which Black and Latino children are. That sounds “cruel”, but the cruelty is of Whites in allowing the children of other mothers and fathers to be killed at 8X the rates their own children are.

I stop to miau to cats.

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