Fake nose! Aaaargh, autocorrect conspiracy doesn’t let me type “fake n e w s"!

Of course the nose holes DO NOT connect to the lungs! Western scientists are charlatans, that’s why so many westerners are sick. Here is the evidence in front of your nose: so many white ladies (even some Karens) are doing jal neti which you have culturally appropriated from ancient Indian traditions and violated our patents from 37 RR (Ram Rajya) and calling “neti pot" and not even giving us royalties of 350 million$ like cardi b. Reparations!

Sorry, where was i? Right, Scientific everyday evidence. So, white ladies are doing neti pot, you are with me? You can see it on YouTube video by trustworthy American corporations. What happens in neti? You pour water in one nose hole AND IT COMES OUT OF THE OTHER!

Not going into your lungs and dying of pneumonia or bronchitis. Not even pulmonary enema. Proved, no direct connection to lung! QED! (that’s Sanskrit Math for “proved”, culturally appropriated by Latin, build the wall!)

So you are saying, “okay there is no direct connection from the nose to the lungs, but what about indirectly through the mouth.” Good point! Mouth is connected to lungs, which is where your food goes when you eat until it is digested directly into your bloodstream. And if nose holes were connected to mouth, which is connected to lungs, then by the Transitivity property of Connection, nose holes would be connected to the lungs. You almost have me there.

But you have not thought it through fully. If nose holes were connected to the mouth (the only remaining way for them to be connected to the lungs), neti water would pour out of your mouth because of Einstein’s theory of gravity. Neti water does not pour out of your mouth, so using modus tonens (((A => B) & ~B) => ~A), we have proven that the nose holes are not connected to the mouth and hence not to the lungs either.

Finally, if you use more than one modus in logic, you get … modi, proving that our great prime minister is the epitome of logic.

Jai Hindustan!

I stop to miau to cats.

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