Fantastic point! I’ve been seeing “Sandberg feminism” in the corporate world (I’ve been calling such “feminists” Lean-inists) for the last 4 years — lots of exec staff and wanna-be exec staff meetings, with high-power corporate speakers and empowering talk, but it all seems focused on how they as individuals can get ahead in the white male dominated corporate world. I’ve reached out to get them to volunteer with mentoring programs, with presenting STEM to educationally underrepresented minority girls, with connecting with other under-represented groups, to no avail — they are too busy being corporate soccer mom. They seem not even to get that continuously thinking of parenting as mothering is actually detrimental to their own long-term goals — the only solution to “doing it all” for women (working or not, mothers or not) is when men do their half.

The main point you make is the difference between fairness (it is “all about me” the image of a 6-year old stamping their foot saying “It is not fair!”) and justice (fighting for minimum wage, fighting against structures that adversely affect people other than oneself, fighting or simply doing things that can positively impact the lives of people not like oneself).

There has also been a lot of “warm-fuzzies” exchanged by white women explaining “why I became a feminist in November 2016”. As you point out, the writing has been on the wall for decades, they’ve been doing some of that writing. They expect “solidarity” and warm-fuzzies from me. But really, who needs their death-bed conversions to feminism? Are they showing up at BLM rallies, at acts in defense of NDN rights, are they putting their bodies on the line for others, are they fighting for a minimum wage for the poor Latina custodial staff (or offering to teach their children STEM)? I’ll be ready to hug them when they show up.

What is your take on the upcoming women’s march on Washington?

I stop to miau to cats.

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