First, thanks for diving into this and providing some examples from Gandhi's writings that are explicit about his love for another man and for another man's body.

And for spelling 'Gandhi' correctly - if you are wondering why I am thanking you for a seemingly trivial spell-check, not just Medium, but supposedly edited and curated publications like the NYT and the Guardian will allow misspellings to creep into their HEADLINES, I can send you an example. This means either they don't bother to run spell-check, or what is worse, enough Western colonialists have misspelled it or ignored the correction for the spell-checker to have learnt the misspelling. Why do I claim it is colonialist? Because you never see "Ahbarahm Linclon", "George Bhush", "Whasington" or "Tahtcher".

There is of course going to be a reactionary reaction from the Modists, though they'll feel very confused. Should they object to the claim that Gandhi was bi as an insult to "India" or should they celebrate anything they can use to denigrate Gandhi, given that the roots of the BJP are strongly embedded in the RSS bedrock that assassinated Gandhi and continues to hate him? I'll bet they'll choose outrage.

However, you display the typical Western colonialist and ahistorical ignorance about the expectations from arranged marriage. I am not defending it - the outcomes are all over the place as with the relatively modern Western invention of "love marriage": sometimes long-lasting happiness, other times, when the laws allow it - divorce, otherwise unhappiness, misery for the woman or another member of the marriage and everything in between.

As my very loving, arranged marriage grandaunt and granduncle reminded me, in arranged marriage "First comes marriage, then comes love."

It is true that Gandhi displayed misogyny (and possibly worse, abuse) through out his life and specifically mistreated Kasturba Gandhi, but that does not immediately allow you to jump to the conclusion that there was no mutual affection. There was certainly frequent sex, and based on Gandhi's writings, feelings of lust, joy at least for him and at the minimum a sense of duty accomplished for her. She was not happy with his vow of brahmacharya.

As far as some of the other figures in your writing, Kahlo's bisexuality was quite well-known, as was Alexander's, so why do you include them as having been straight-washed?

I stop to miau to cats.

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