Good crack! “I could spend minimum $15K, for something that has an average success rate of 7%… and given the 7% success rate, could (read: likely) evolve into multiple attempts that could run up to well over $100K.”

You would need log(1-0.5)/log(1-.07) = 9.5 attempts to have a 50% chance of success, costing you about $143K.

Apart from this mathy stuff, totally with you on

  • the pressure on all women to be mothers,
  • the absurdity that having working ovaries or testicles or being heterosexual somehow qualifies you to be a parent
  • the absurdity that being over 40 somehow disqualifies you from adopting but not from being a biological parent with the attendant: high risk of chromosomal defects, the high cost of fertility treatments and inability at the end of that physically expensive process to keep up with said child on playground.

And “si”, I don’t think MDs are good diagnosticians: at 33 I was told I didn’t have the right body type or age (read that I wasn’t obese or old) to have “Diabetes”, by three doctors. 4 months later I was hospitalised with keto-acidosis as a result of undiagnosed and hence untreated Diabetes Type I.

I stop to miau to cats.

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