Good grief Donna! Must you invalidate my personal feelings by denigrating them as a politicization? Poor Gloria must be turning in circles at whatever rally she is at. (Okay, that was random, I am actually a big fan and reader of Steinem, in spite of her gracing Albright with her presence.)

Semi-seriously, I did only say “remind me of”. I didn’t say “is”. Nor did I accuse the “squirt-is-pee” denier of actually being a raving lunatic Christian right-wing monster. All I am saying, like Emma Lindsay in, is that the “squirt-is-pee” denier uses “scientificish” language (“sample size”, etc.) but is fundamentally ignorant about science (which is okay) and worse reeks of an anti-science attitude. She is, like the RLCRWMs, using her words to avoid facing the truth and spreading falsehood or ignorance.

“pro-science lefty”, but not a feminist?

I stop to miau to cats.

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