Good points about FB losing the plot. And I love the “Silicon Valley is full of jokers and jerks”. That is just a question of scale — if your first 100 employees are in the top 1%ile of whatever, your 10k employees just cannot be, because your denominator simply cannot havegrown 100X.

But “Foreign governments … drive political instability”? hah hah hah!

One, as if the USA isn’t effing doing that all over the world all the time.

Two, while I don’t doubt that Russia or Russian hackers meddled with FB, do we seriously believe that they were a root cause of “what the F happened” in 2016?

Three, you have read the headlines about Cambridge Analytica, which is a corporation, not a “foreign government”, whose data theft (waaay beyond “hack”) they themselves claim helped them to elect Trump, and some of whose principals are employed by FB. And you are still more hysterically concerned about “Foreign Government” meddling than multinational corporation meddling? The article mentions a lot of headlines, but only mentions Cambridge Analytica as an aside, albeit as a “shitshow”. I don’t get it.

I stop to miau to cats.

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