Good to know English speaking Americans aren’t racist, they are just language dumb-fcuks!

The Guardian headline “Amazon hits trouble with Sweden launch over lewd translation”

“Products featuring cats were hit particularly hard, with the lewd double meaning of the word ‘pussy’ leading to a T-shirt with a cat on it being labelled with an (sic) vulgar Swedish term for “vagina”.”

“…genius decision of doing garbage machine translation for 95+% of the site…”

And all this time I thought that Anglo-Americans were racist because they got their buddy who took 4 years of HS Spanish to translate their corporate documents, customer messaging and PSAs from English, instead of using a professional translator. Here is an example from a PSA on BART, in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.

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Bad Spanish
  1. Why not translate the phrase “are diagnosed” into Spanish? If it is not necessary in Spanish why is it necessary in English?

Good to know that corporate America has the same dismissive attitude towards Swedish as they do towards Spanish! Counters one point of evidence that they are racists.

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