Great points! Other than the “super agree” comment, of course you were responded to with the usual defensive “I’m not a racist” crap by… “white people”. You went out on a limb there by even using the term “white people”, because if there is one thing white people hate the most it is being referred to as such, because of course they have no race. Or perhaps some of them aren’t people.

Why shouldn’t they be called out for being racists, when they reasonably objectively meet the criteria? When people are being hurt in their name, why should the rest of humanity waste energy trying to phrase things so white people don’t feel offended — are they that fragile? Can’t they even own their racism ore misogyny? And who are they going to listen to for calling them out? Me? Another person of color? Of course not. So, as you point out, the onus is on people in their community, in other words, white people like you, to call them out.

Thanks for doing so.

I’ll be willing to listen to them and their offended “I’m not a racist” and “well white lives matter too, it’s just fair.” 6-year old white-whining when they start disowning their racist friends and family (as many, including I, have done), repudiating acts against humanity committed in their name or showing up to support a Black Lives Matter rally.

I stop to miau to cats.

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