Great, thanks for saying what has been said many times before but bears repeating. Maybe white feminists will listen to you, as one of their tribe or whatever, more openly than they will to the POC (of all genders) who’ve been trying to say this to them for the last couple of decades without success. I’m not being snarky, most people need a guide or an interpolator into unfamiliar territory, that interpolator in this case could be either a “whitified” POC or an evolved white feminist (you), and the visitor from the dominant culture will naturally prefer one of their own who has trodden that ground to a local who “lives there”. (Hmm, how many feminists expected to be judged by the yardstick of “evolved”?)

With the exception of Occupy and Sanders’ supporters, in the circles I move in (social, social media, cultural, tech, dating sites) I don’t encounter many “out” feminists (on dating sites, perhaps 1 out of a hundred hetero women identify themselves as such, because of course, even if they are, they don’t want to scare off the majority of white men and lessen their chances; furthermore, (female) friends have told me to remove the term from my self-description if I want to “succeed”). So my rants or calling-out has been mostly targeted at the LeanIn-ists (a.k.a. SS StormTroopers, okay, that was excessive, sorry) and the Ginnie-come-lately women in their late 20s and 30s who have had death-bed conversions around November 9th.

I stop to miau to cats.

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