Hah! Just the kind of denial we would expect a Russian agent to make! And no spelling mistakes in English! That is another dead give-away, since no true blue-blooded American would doubt their own mastery of the English language and deign to look up a word in a dictionary. From Oz, you say? It is well-known that ‘z’ is the most frequently used letter in the Cyrillic alphabet! Gadzooks, fellow milque-toast DNC bots, we have uncovered another (need I say, dangerous to American democracy) Russian agent!

I propose we ask “Caitlin” to submit to a Turing inspired “Artificial Russian Agent-ness” test: All “she” has to do to prove that “she” is not a Russian agent is to agree with us that Hillary would’a should’a won had it not been for Caitlin’s psyop meddling with the American electoral process via Facebook and hacking the elections!

What? The DNC lost another 1000 seats nation-wide on election-night 2016? Then ‘The Russian agent known as Caitlin’ has to admit that “she” interfered in those as well in order to prove that “she” is not in fact a Russian agent. It is that simple!

I stop to miau to cats.

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