Hahahah? Any “tech managers” reading this? Oh wait, hi to “you” and “you” who are the only good tech managers I’ve encountered — self-aware, concientious about their role, the newness of their function, desirous to learn about it and make themselves the best at it, seeing themselves as “enabling their team”, getting consensus on the desired outcome, not being another choke-point in cross-team communication, interested in team-members growth and aspirations, open to feedback … Thank you for reading and continuing to grow.

But other than the already decent ones, why does the author expect any of the following: the bossy bosses, the non-leader managers, the ones who don’t understand that managing people requires some humanity, the ones who have hundreds of useless and similar “military management” books but still can’t take ownership of any errors, the ones who have to do or control all the “upward” or cross-team communication, the ones who regularly throw their peers or underlings under the bus, the blame-apportionators and finger-pointers, the silo-ers, the process above all, the credit-stealing non-appreciators, the ones who never offer any help, the ones who have poor but fast decision-making abilities and hence make costly errors time and time again, the ones who think they can just “do Root Cause Analysis” without any procedure because it sounds fancy and just to make their already pre-determined points … to actually read what the author has written?

They are already great! The fact that they are your boss proves it!

I stop to miau to cats.

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