hahahahahahahahah OMG this is the absolute best! "rhetoric", "extinction of freedom" check! Accept what, Karen? Criminality, fascism, racism, white supremacy, tax cheat, business failure, allowing upwards of 250000 avoidable deaths due to COVID19?

The most divisive rats always plead for unity after conducting the worst warfare. At least the Nazis in Nuremberg weren't pleading for "unity" and forgiveness.

Of course, I might have pegged you incorrectly, so do feel free to post a link to all your posts where you ask for "unity" from Twumpikins, Trumpettes, white supremacists, election deniers, Mitch McConell, the rando assorted elected freak representatives casting doubt on the election and demanding to carry guns that kill Bllack people, those nutters credibly threatening people unless they get their racist white supremacist poor little downtrodden victims of white genocide way, the idiots threatening the lives of election officials.

Can I nominate you for a Peace prize? Perhaps with Henry Kissinassger? Or perhaps a medal of freedom with pillow guy, piano scarf lady and Noriega?

I stop to miau to cats.

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