Handout — At the Mass Civil Disobedience Action

This is a checklist, not meant to to be a stand-alone doc. Please start with the comprehensive document and the checklist.

  • Stick with your pod. Don’t protest alone. Set a location to meet if people are separated.
  • Write your outside support person’s mobile and your medical conditions on your arm. Also write the National Lawyers Guild SF Bay Area legal hotline: 415–285–1011
  • Look for the street medics and keep track of where they are.
  • If you have medical experience or supplies you want to offer, join them!
  • Assign a pod member to assess your surroundings. Know where to head to get out. Keep in mind where your transportation is.
  • Walk at the pace of the march, do not crowd people in front.
  • Do not run. Remind those around you to walk as well.
  • Drink water!
  • Direct press to a core event organizer. If you do speak to the press do not identify yourself as a DSA member without press training.
  • Lighter-skinned members of DSA should follow the lead of the event organizers. White or light-skinned comrades should step up to protect BIPOC from police.
  • Use Signal or other secure app for communication
  • DO record arrests and acts of aggression from the police and counter protesters.
  • No protest porn: Do not record anything which enables police to identify people.
  • Watch for obstacles — trash, rental scooters/bikes, barriers, uneven pavement, fallen signs, garbage cans …
  • Document or photograph any detentions you witness (where, when, name of person if you know them, any identifying badges on cops, injuries). Then call NLGSF 415–909–4NLG = 415–909–4654 or e-mail nlgsfhotline@protonmail.com

In case of

i) Police violence /interaction

  • “Am I under arrest?” If you are not, they must let you go by law. But they may not.
  • INVOKE your right to remain silent: “I am exercising my right to remain silent. I want to speak with a lawyer.” Call your lawyer or the NLG SF Bay Area 415–909–4654 from outside jail.

ii) Arrest

  • The OSP will call the NLGSF at 415–909–4NLG = 415–909–4654 or email nlgsfhotline@protonmail.com to let them know you were arrested.
  • From jail, you can call NLGSF at 415–285–1011
  • If you are Black/LatinX, trans or queer, let the NLG know so they can prioritize getting you out.
  • Give other arrested people the hotline number from jail 415–285–1011.

iii) Injury

(Please see the comprehensive doc)

  • Wash the wound and dry it, when the bleeding stops. antibiotic and dressing, or just wait to get home.

Anything more serious, CALL FOR A MEDIC!

If the injury is ambulatory, move or move an injured comrade to a safer location or to a medic post and assess. Else, call loudly and calmly “MEDIC!”. Avoid moving after that. Let the medics evaluate and decide how best to proceed. Stay with your pod member. Consider extraction by your OSP.

I stop to miau to cats.

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