Hi Dick, Thanks for clarifying something that at least to me wasn’t clear in the original sentence and context: Trumpistas weren’t mentioned in the article.

In any case, I see your point, there is an attitude of “conform or else” in what seems like 80% of the right, and the “or else” is either threat of violence — in addition to their usual racism and misogyny driven targets on the left (though you can hardly call Pelosi or Clinton “left”)- redirected at their erstwhile leaders or threat of primarying them by riling up the hordes as I just read Gaetz (FL) is doing to Cheney (WY).

However, is the threat of violence real? Yes there is chaos amongst the QArsonists (not just fire, but arse) and the Proud Toddlers, but even Trump seems not to have suffered any loss of prestige with that core. Are there any documented threats over social media etc., like there constantly seem to be against Black or women Democratic politicians (latest example, the family of Hakeem Jeffries)?

Whether the threat is real or just being used to provide cover, none of these Boeberts, Cruz’, Hawleys, Greenes etc. is going to “resign”! That is just an absurd expectation. I think the only possible thing to do would be a massive campaign through VoteForward or another citizen action platform, aimed at the voters in their district, not shaming them as I would ineffectually do, but some “positive” messaging.

I stop to miau to cats.

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