Hi Erynn,

Sorry. Let me rewind: I think your article is spot on in recognizing why white women have been “out of it”, why they are not taken seriously, recognizing the leadership of POC and their often lonely struggles, in identifying the path forward and the specific actions (for example the group you’ve started) you’ve suggested. I think what you’ve written is well-written and important enough to share on FB (and elsewhere, but that is a new experiment …).

I shouldn’t have let the implication dangle that you were doing the blaming, I read the subtitle as well as your entire article. I think I responded to what was in my head and not to what I was reading.

I might suggest that when people from your group show up at POC led events, not to identify as a group “Nice White Ladies”, because you’ll stand alongside but still apart. Just show up, even if you don’t know what to do or how to behave. Perhaps I was lucky there was no “NiceIndianGuys” group for me to join (usually not too many Indians, men or otherwise gendered, show up at non-party social justice events), so it was much easier to feel part of the larger event.

In solidarity,


I stop to miau to cats.

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