Hi Marley,

I wondered when you would get to #11. You and others have pointed out that Wyppl stop reading when they read "White people" in the title! So there is a barrier we have to tunnel through. Should the strategy be for Black writers like yourself to don "safe", white personas on social media so the ideas are propagated to wyppl? After all, if wyppl can pass as POC of multiple identities as university professors and NAACP chapter leads ... Wouldn't it be wonderfully ironic if Robin DiAngelo suddenly comes out as having been Black all along?

The attitude you point to in #11 encapsulates so-called "anti-racism" training or "equity workshops" in corporat america - invariably led by white or white passing women whose function seems to be to put the offended white women employees at ease (the white guys simply don't give a shit enough to even engage; through their misogyny towards white women, letting them take the lead and be the lightning rods for any interactions), make them feel they are in a "safe space" where they can say anything without "being judged" or feeling threatened. My suspicion is that the people who are hired are friends and network contacts of corporat HR.

In the aftermath of 2016, I started following Black women writers on social media, so when the second "equity workshop" or "anti-racism training" at work was being planned, I went to the organizers with a list of 10 names, contacted some independently etc. but it all went nowhere, because ... because the excuses and deflections made so little sense I can't even remember them.

I stop to miau to cats.

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