Hi Maurice Carlisle,

First, I think Caitlin does reside in the US. And there are plenty of people who reside in the US but seem to live on another planet ;-)

I am really trying to understand why African American voters went so strongly for Biden in the primaries. I fully get it that Bernie (+ his supporters and the DSA) is unable to speak to Black folks or their issues, be willing to be uncomfortable in Black spaces or just listen. And yes, he and his campaign should have ratcheted up connecting with Black voters in the lead up to 2020.

But I don’t understand the intensity of disdain, dislike (or at best irritation at him) for Bernie that allows Black folks to not see that Bernie’s policies and approach — to healthcare, education, living wage, college debt-freeness, housing and environment as human rights; to “criminal justice” reform, to toning down the inequities in our legal system, to a humane immigration policy etc. — are good for all of US and will most benefit Black folk?

Any insights? I read a lot of anger on The Root and from writers I follow and generally connect with on Medium, but I don’t think I have a clear answer to the above, nor a way forward for all of us.

I stop to miau to cats.

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