Hi Philip Sommer and Martie Sirois

Thanks for pointing out the distinction between tone and content and that Martie’s article is about the physical quality of the sound.

It is hard to tell without testing in languages I don’t understand or a “blind” reading of the text of their speeches, but my point about my reaction to the voices of trump and the others was about the physical quality as well, not the semantic content: the reaction the voices evoke in me are as if I were being sold to and I stop hearing the content. The chalkboard effect.

In addition, isn’t at least some of Martie’s reaction due to the content -or lack there of- in Trump’s speeches? The self interruptions, non sequiturs, ungrammatical structure, semantic nonsense, simple declarations etc?

By the way, I just got back from listening to Bernie in Richmond,I’d seen your responses and was able to toggle back and forth between the content and just the sound. I found both very soothing.

I stop to miau to cats.

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