Hi Rachel,

Post 2016 elections, and actually even before that, there were plenty of heterosexual women on other dating apps who specified things like

“Not religious and not republican,”

“If you like Donald Trump, I probably won’t like you,”

“racists and bigots need not apply.”

I don’t see why this is negging when men do it, nor why men stating that they are feminists is negging women. Prior to 2016 there seemed to be very few women feminists who declared themselves as such on dating sites, though there were plenty of women who complimented me or thanked me for using the F-word in my profile. I do understand why women hesitated to declare themselves feminists in a dating context until a few years ago: the term had very wrongly been associated with negative connotations by both the MSM and the general population. Thankfully, that is changing, I meet a lot of out young feminists and they are very visible in the MSM now.

Are there fewer feminists in the 35–50 year old bracket?

I stop to miau to cats.

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