Hi Shani,

Let me start with saying that I agree with what you are saying about legalizing prostitution and that that would eliminate a lot of confusion and so-called creepy behavior on dating apps. I have a busy-ish life (kids, job, activities) and most women in my age group do as well, nobody meets organically, at least not where I am likely to meet them, and sometimes I just want to have sex and physical contact with someone without having to romance them or pretend that I want to go climbing with them or behave like a white guy (read the dating profiles of heterosexual white women, even when they claim they are “open to other races” and are not lying about it (you do understand the gap between the polls and the election results right?) they address themselves to white guys) or whatever. Of course I will pay for sex, if it is legal and regulated. I pay for food when I expect people to prepare it for me without any other obligation or quid pro quo.

However, I thought Tinder (the proper noun, not the common noun as you mistakenly use it for “dating app”) was a sex-app, not a dating app. Perhaps your post would have made more sense to me if you’d used “OKC” generically. I don’t get women who are on Tinder, write ca. 27 words worth of generic stuff, have 3 pics and tell the reader to swipe left if they want FWB, NSA, Hook-ups or sex-only. Worse yet is when they state they want LTR or friends only. Really, they want some guy to consider them for an LTR on the basis of a few words and 3 horrible pics? They are just as guilty of contaminating sex sites as are guys who are fundamentally looking for sex being on OKCupid or Match or e-harmony.

The credibility of your post will increase tremendously if you simultaneously ask your readers who are interested only in LTR to FO from Tinder. You will be doing people of all genders and sexual interests a favor, and who knows, a feminist who is tired of the 1950’s “battle of the sexes” language may even follow you.

I stop to miau to cats.

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