Hmm, why is what I said “virtue signaling” and why is virtue signaling toxic? What do you prefer that decent people do? Vice signaling? Which seems to be the speciality of the so called alt right and encouraged by such paragons of beauty, intelligence and humanity as Trump and his ilk?

No such thing as toxic masculinity? Nor toxic male fragility? K a v a n a u g h!

I agree, there is nothing wrong with criticizing an ad. What is toxic about the response to the Gillette ad was that a call for common decency was a new and challenging thought to some men and that the response was a spiral of fragile, brittle, rage spewing indignation that will down the line lead to violence.

Collect your thoughts and tell us what the ad made you feel and why. And think about the content of any 15 seconds of speech by your leadership and how that must make anybody who is not you feel.

I stop to miau to cats.

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