How exactly?

This whole article is ridiculous and could only be written by a white guy since it studiously avoids mentioning race. You think white men care more about their supposed self interest than about disenfranchising Black voters? What do you think what was done to Fannie Lou Hamer and Emmett Till was about? White people, men specially as the carriers of violence, love anything that hurts Black folks, and will sacrifice their own interest — after all, look at the gains Trump voters have made in 50 years of racism post Jim Crow. The few votes that Trump is likely to lose from his base (white men) due to their abstract displeasure with his racist disenfranchisement actions against the USPS will be made up for a hundred times by the actual racially biased and partisan disenfranchisement gutting the USPS is intended to achieve.

Not that I’m discounting the pure capitalism at work, just look at what has been done to the postal systems in Argentina or Mexico, destroyed so people are forced to use private couriers at 10X the cost.

I stop to miau to cats.

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