Huh? Are you even half aware that it is your white male privilege that allows you the luxury of “politics of wisdom and compassion, nurtured through mindfulness and lovingkindness”?

Are the parents of black children being gunned down in the middle of their neighborhoods, in the middle of their backs, in the beginning of their lives, supposed to display your holier than thou lovingkindness? Are you just wilfully ignorant masquerading as Buddhist? Oh, but you “wrote this for white people”.

Your unwillingness to change the human determined parts of the outside world that continue to impose misery on billions of living beings implies accepting and condoning the current state. I think you should show yourself compassion, forgive yourself and loving kindfully give yourself a pass.

Your analogy between natural events and human caused misery is just sophomorically stupid. It is the state’s response or lack of response to natural disasters that gives cause for indignation.

I stop to miau to cats.

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